Frya Cup 2006

Frya Cup from Saturday to Monday (May1st being a public holliday in Norway) this weekend. The weather forecast for first very good, then turned to horrible with rain and strong winds as the weekend approached. Saturday looked so hopeless that I did not go up to Frya before Saturday evening, arriving at Frya Sunday morning after visiting relatives in Fåberg Saturday evening. Trond “hangman” Skjønsberg was meet director, an ungrateful job in this weather. Sunday morning it was sunny and we drove up to the launch, but feared strong winds. And sure enough, before a task could be set the wind became too strong. Only four pilots not in the competition managed to stat before the conditions became too strong. So instead, Øyvind and I (the Norwegian Competition Committee) and the national team had meeting planing the upcoming season with European Championship and the pre-Worlds in Texas as the main competitions. After the meeting and dinner I had completely written off the and considered driving home, but luckily I drove up to the launch instead after recieving reports of better conditions. Now, conditions actually were good so I speed rigged and launch 1900 straight into rock solid ridge soaring accompanies with thermals and weak waves. After an hour the wind increased again and I flew down to land as most others also did. After the flying we had the compulsory beers and bbq of sausages. The young hard core pilots then drove the to local bar while the rest of us quietly drank a few more beers and then went to sleep. When I woke up Monday morning the rain was pooring down and it was nothing else to do than driving home. End of story.
Log book entry HERE.

By the way, anyone who knows how to link to a destination in Goggle Earth?

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