Course weekend at Sundvollen

It was a cold course weekend at Sundvollen with down to -20 degrees C in the morning. Luckily it was no wind, and good conditions for hg-students. Stein Edgar and I had instructur duty and was also helped by Terje Birdman.

Saturday was pretty uneventfull. Relatively few pilots in the cold weather, but lots of sled rides for those who showed up. Still, I did not fly today.

Sunday, started off pretty much like yesterday, besides that I also got a short flight. Then things became a little more exiting as one of your hg students flew into a three near the landing and got stuck 8 metres or so up in the three. As neither I nor Stein Edgar (who was at the landing) knew if the student was injured or not (it took some time getting to the crash area) I phone the police who sent an ambulance and even notified a rescue helicopter. Luckily, the hg student was not injured and the helicopter was called off. Still, it is reasuring that this kind of backup do exist. After first securing both student and glider, we (that is most of the Oslo club members at the scene) managed to first get the student down, then the glider. As a miracle it seems like the glider was not damaged, not even the lever batten ends. I guess that the Falcon 2 is quite solid even though it is light. I need to take out the leading edges to inspect for damages, but a brief inspection on site did not reveal any obvious bumps or damange even here.
An unusually big squirrel, photo: Bjørn Hammer
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  1. Arne kr says:

    I cannot stop laughing!

    Good the pilot didn’t get hurt. He probably got a new experience in both landing techniques and examening a forest-tree for some time.