HG promo at TV Budstikka.

Last week Petter P. and I were being filmed by TV Budstikka, the local TV station for Asker and Bærum municipalities east of Oslo. The weather was excellent, but it was no lift. Still, the TV crew as able to get some good pictures in addition to interviews. The result was a 7 minutes programme at TV Budstikka. The programme was sent last Monday. As the TV channel sends all the day, but only produces about 30-60 minutes shows each day, each show is sent in a loop. Hence, the HG programme was sent every 30 minutes an entire day. Hopefully god PR for hanggliding.

Link til to the HERE. The hanggliding part starts 20:20 out in the show. I do not know how long this link will be active. It may be that TV Budstikka only has one week of shows available.

Petter P. being interviewed by Alexander Balchen from TV Budstikka. Photo: Bjørn Hammer

2 Responses to “HG promo at TV Budstikka.”

  1. =NIMBUS= says:

    Har sett på TV Budstikka innslaget, fin intro til HG!

  2. Erik says:

    Flott reportage. Veldig bra slik du og fortelleren forklarer hva sporten vår dreier seg om.