New Skyline ZeroDrag harness

Skyline has released a new comp harness. The name is still ZeroDrag, but with the model name FR. The harness has lots of new features and is probable more a new harness model than a development of the ZeroDrag Racer. According to Øyvind Ellefsen the new FR is “the most advanced and best made harness on the market”. Norwegian dealer is – ehhmm Øyvind Ellefsen.

zerodragFR.jpgPhoto: Skyline.
Still, if the FR is just a little better than the old Racer I tend to agree with Øyvind. The Skyline harness’ I have seen seems very well made.
Anyone who knows what FR means?

2 Responses to “New Skyline ZeroDrag harness”

  1. site admin says:

    Then they should call the old one HR = Half race 🙂