In Norway we have freedom of speech!

Totally off topic from hanggliding this case is nevertheless too important not to mention.
A short background: A few days ago the Danish newspaper Jyllandsposten and a Norwegian magazine published drawings of the prophet Mohammed. Following from this, several Muslim countries and individuals demanded an excuse from Denmark, Norway, and the newspapers. Also threats of terror emerged and in several Muslim countries Norwegian and Danish flags have been burnt.

The point is, however, that in Norway and other western democracies we have freedom of speech. Hence, here is one drawing of Mohammed:

9 Responses to “In Norway we have freedom of speech!”

  1. El Loco says:

    Cool! I was more afraid of trouble with copyright issues than trouble with muslims… :p

  2. EdB says:

    Thanks for posting the rather funny cartoon. Do you have it in a larger file size? Do you have others that were published? I would love to share them on my blog as well.

    BTW FREEDOM is never off-topic in the hang gliding world. Live free and fly eh?

    Hope to hear from you, but between now and then I’ll post the little version you’ve got here. Anybody has an issue with it they can try to do something about it, but I’m a heavily armed American so be warned…

  3. site admin says:

    Have a look at the links here: The text is in Norwegian but just follow the links, they are mostly to pages that have published pictures of Muhammed. I did not find any good resolution pictures but maybe you have better luck.
    Regards, Bjørn

  4. Oyvind says:

    Funny for some, very insulting for many more. If you want to insult what people believe on a personal level, go ahead, but do not hide behind freedom of speach. Threats of terror and violence from the muslims are ofcourse major overreactions.

    I think the newspapers have abused their right to freedom of speach, and the politicians are as usual not capable of having a firm opinion of the case. They messed up and should pay the price

  5. I will publish the face of the Prophet on my blog shortly, not to insult muslims (if they choose to be, so be it) but as a clear message that no athoritarian ideology surpresses our freedom of speech.

    This war has been started by the fundamentalists, and they will have what they ask for. Any balanced muslim, hopefully a majority, will agree that freedom of speech outweighs the importance of the right not to feel insulted.

    This is about mindless madmen threatening to decapitate people who publish this. It will not stand, and I fully support this website’s choice.

    By the way, I have been paragliding for many years, and discovered this blog after following the link from VamPus 🙂

    Best wishes

  6. El Loco says:

    The reactions only show us how dangerous religions are and how brainwashed muslim are. They need to lighten up… and set the women free!

  7. Cassius Clay says:

    Real intelligent to be the only one who bublishes the Mohammed drawing…
    Aspecially with your adress easy accessible..

    As we know by now, the muslims really ARE an insane prehistoric bunch…

    BTW freedom of speech does not include insulting an entire people…
    Hope you think about that !

  8. Erik says:

    Well done to take a stand here Bjørn. I stand with you.

  9. VamPus says:

    Great, Bjørn!

    Cassius Clay; if freedom of speach did not protect the right to insult, oppose or hurt other peoples feelings – why would we need it? Christianity has been challenged by “insulting” texts, drawings, films etc for a long time and this has (amongst other things) led to the development over liberal, secular democracies that respects human rights. Something to think about for the muslim world?

    Personally – I think suicide bombers are an insult to me. Could you please make them stop?