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Instructors seminar in Hell!

Friday, February 17th, 2006

No flying for me this weekend. Instead I will contribute at the instructors seminar at Rica Hell at Værnes – so I will actually go to Hell this weekend. My parts at the seminar are “lectures”/workshops in risk assessment and rules and regulations.

In Norway all hangglider and paraglider instructors need to attend a seminar every 4th year to have their instructurs licence renewed. These seminars are held twice a year.

Course weekend at Sundvollen

Sunday, February 12th, 2006

It was a cold course weekend at Sundvollen with down to -20 degrees C in the morning. Luckily it was no wind, and good conditions for hg-students. Stein Edgar and I had instructur duty and was also helped by Terje Birdman.

Saturday was pretty uneventfull. Relatively few pilots in the cold weather, but lots of sled rides for those who showed up. Still, I did not fly today.

Sunday, started off pretty much like yesterday, besides that I also got a short flight. Then things became a little more exiting as one of your hg students flew into a three near the landing and got stuck 8 metres or so up in the three. As neither I nor Stein Edgar (who was at the landing) knew if the student was injured or not (it took some time getting to the crash area) I phone the police who sent an ambulance and even notified a rescue helicopter. Luckily, the hg student was not injured and the helicopter was called off. Still, it is reasuring that this kind of backup do exist. After first securing both student and glider, we (that is most of the Oslo club members at the scene) managed to first get the student down, then the glider. As a miracle it seems like the glider was not damaged, not even the lever batten ends. I guess that the Falcon 2 is quite solid even though it is light. I need to take out the leading edges to inspect for damages, but a brief inspection on site did not reveal any obvious bumps or damange even here.
An unusually big squirrel, photo: Bjørn Hammer
More pictures HERE.

HG promo at TV Budstikka.

Friday, February 10th, 2006

Last week Petter P. and I were being filmed by TV Budstikka, the local TV station for Asker and Bærum municipalities east of Oslo. The weather was excellent, but it was no lift. Still, the TV crew as able to get some good pictures in addition to interviews. The result was a 7 minutes programme at TV Budstikka. The programme was sent last Monday. As the TV channel sends all the day, but only produces about 30-60 minutes shows each day, each show is sent in a loop. Hence, the HG programme was sent every 30 minutes an entire day. Hopefully god PR for hanggliding.

Link til to the HERE. The hanggliding part starts 20:20 out in the show. I do not know how long this link will be active. It may be that TV Budstikka only has one week of shows available.

Petter P. being interviewed by Alexander Balchen from TV Budstikka. Photo: Bjørn Hammer

NSW HG State Titles 2006

Thursday, February 9th, 2006

Jon Gjerde continious his good comp flying in Australia. In the NSW stats championship he has again an impressiv series of results. Most impressing to me is that he has shown consistingly good results. One thing is to make one or to good tasks, that could be due to luck. But good results over time indicate a really good pilot. It will be interesting to see how Jon will perform in the comps here in Norway in the summer.

Here are the results from the NSW championship so far – overall Jon Gjerde is 3rd after 4 tasks.

Task 1, 6th.

Task 2, 6th.

Task 3, 8th.

Task 4, 2nd (6 seconds behind the winner Rohan Holtkamp!).

New Skyline ZeroDrag harness

Thursday, February 9th, 2006

Skyline has released a new comp harness. The name is still ZeroDrag, but with the model name FR. The harness has lots of new features and is probable more a new harness model than a development of the ZeroDrag Racer. According to Øyvind Ellefsen the new FR is “the most advanced and best made harness on the market”. Norwegian dealer is – ehhmm Øyvind Ellefsen.

zerodragFR.jpgPhoto: Skyline.
Still, if the FR is just a little better than the old Racer I tend to agree with Øyvind. The Skyline harness’ I have seen seems very well made.
Anyone who knows what FR means?

In Norway we have freedom of speech!

Wednesday, February 1st, 2006

Totally off topic from hanggliding this case is nevertheless too important not to mention.
A short background: A few days ago the Danish newspaper Jyllandsposten and a Norwegian magazine published drawings of the prophet Mohammed. Following from this, several Muslim countries and individuals demanded an excuse from Denmark, Norway, and the newspapers. Also threats of terror emerged and in several Muslim countries Norwegian and Danish flags have been burnt.

The point is, however, that in Norway and other western democracies we have freedom of speech. Hence, here is one drawing of Mohammed:

Weekend report – a little late.

Wednesday, February 1st, 2006

Late and short report from the weekend. Sled rides at Sundvollen both days. I was out with our hg students, but only flew myself on Saturday. Sunday I was busy with two of ours students who had their first altitude flights. Both flew very well.