Erik Vermaas – the flying Dutchman from Norway

Erik Vermaas, Norwegian from Holland, is again using the winter for flying in a more comfortable environment than Norway. Here in Norway Erik er known for his enormous energy, friendlyness, and early launches – characteristics he is sharing with the instructur who taught him to fly; Terje “First Go” Brønstad. Still, Erik can be unusually enduring when it comes to getting a flight. Here is a SMS I got yesterday (translated from Norwegian by me):

Heradura. Waited for 70 hours in the car until it was possible to fly. 30 minutes to rigg and dry the glider. 7 minutes in the air. 30 minutes to rig down. And 1 hour to walk back up for the car.

One must just admire such persistence. Log book entry here (in Norwegian).

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