The sled ride season has started at Sundvollen!

January, winter, freezing temperatures, inversions, and tail wind. The sled ride season has started.

Thursday the forecast predicted NV winds, and at home the wind was pretty strong. Still, I travelled to Sundvollen expecting nothing else than a sled ride at most. Inversion and cold air from the platou behind the launch provide a safe and predictable tail wind in January. I met up with Petter Peikli who was to try a Litespeed 4 (his first topless and big leap from his previous Avian intermediate glider). I was out to testfly my club’s new (and third) WW Falcon 2 glider.

Petter struggles with the curved wing tips.

I guess that Petter was a little more nervous than me. Still, we were both extremely pleased with our gliders, and Petter bought the Litespeed later that evening. I hope to buy me a Falcon 2 soon, but this year I will prioritise a T2.

Petter ready to launch.

More pictures from Thursday.

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