Updated Garmin gps’

Garmin in the US has launched a number of updated models. The models GPSMAP 60C, 60CS, 76C and 76CS as well as the eTrex Vista and Legend have been given an additional x in the model name (links are to the updated models). The update is basically the addition of a microSD card slot to expand the memory of the GPS’. Why they have not done this before is somewhat of a mystory to me, but better late than never.

I have just bought a new 60C, but as the price of the x models are about $ 100 higher than the original model I would most likely have gone for the original model anyway. I do not need that much memory for maps. After all, when flying all you need is to look down.

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  1. Øyvind says:

    GPS satellite upgrade from US goverment
    Fri, Jan 27 2006, 4:13:18 pm AUSEDTThe US will upgrade its GPS system


    “The new signal-known as ‘L2C-was specifically designed with commercial needs in mind,” said Deputy Commerce Secretary David Sampson in remarks prepared for delivery at a U.S. Chamber of Commerce press event this morning. “For example, it is transmitted with a higher effective power, so GPS receivers work better in urban areas and indoors. And it requires less energy to receive the signal, an important feature for battery-powered devices such as mobile phones.”

  2. speideren says:


    Kor handlet du gps fra??