Final results Bogong Cup, New Skyline ZeroDrag harness

Bogong Cup Final results.

Jon Gjerde (NOR) did very well in this comp and made number 13 overall. Impressive flying!

Selected results:
1. Attila Bertok, 6433
2. Gerolf Heinrichs, 6010
3. Oliver Barthelmes, 5844.

11. Andreas Olsson, 5080
13. Jon Gjerde, 4850

The Wills Wing T2 seems to have improved during the comp, but it still is behind the Litespeed S’.
New Skyline ZeroDrag Racer harness.
Øyvind Ellefsen, Norwegian Skyline hg dealer, reports that Skyline has further developed the ZeroDrag Racer harness. This harness was the state of the art comp harness when it was first released, but over the last years the competitors have matched and even passed the ZeroDrag harness in design and features (in my opinion). The improvements of the new model include drag redusing features, improved comfort, and quality.

In addition to the new racin harness, Skyline is also developing a simpler and cheaper recreational/acro harness.

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  1. Speideren says:

    C O M B A T . . .

  2. site admin says:

    The Combat pilots did not dear turning up for this comp. Chickens!