Airborne Outback trike – Bogong Cup, task 4.

Airborne Outback trike.

Terje “Mikro” Solberg has been in Sweden and bought Köping Hangglider Club’s Airborne Outback trike. The trike is rigged for aerotowing, and had proven itself as an excellent towing trike in Köping. I towed behind it myself last summer. The trike will be located at Spydeberg, the same airport as the Moyes-Bailey tug. This is a very welcome addition to the tow capacity here in the Oslo area.


Photo: From Airborne’s homepage.

Bogong Cup, task 4.

Jon Gjerde made 17th place on this task, the best of those who did not reach goal. Following from this he fell down to 12th place overall. Still, very good flying. Andreas Olsson had good day on his T2 and came in as number 6. Seems like the T2 is speeding up.

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