Bogong Cup in OZ – Jon Gjerde is doing really well.

Jon Gjerde is the only Norwegain pilot competing in Oz this year. Normally, quite a bunch has travelled half way around the world to fly in Oz in January, but this year it was only “the flying cheap farmer” that made the journey. Still, he is representing Norway and Voss well. After the three first tasks he holds an impressive 7th place overall, and has the following results for each of the tasks:

  • Task 1, no. 8.
  • Task 2, no. 13.
  • Task 3, no. 6.

Jon has made goal every day. This is very good results as most of the world elite is participating in the competition.

I am about to order a WW T2 154, and has been concerned about the performance of the WW pilots in the Bogong Cup during the first two tasks. The comp seems totally dominated by the Moyes-boys. Still, it seems like the WW guys have been performing better in the 3rd task. I will try to find out what is going on. Maybe they just did not have time to test and adjust the gliders before the comp? Hope so.

3 Responses to “Bogong Cup in OZ – Jon Gjerde is doing really well.”

  1. Fredrik says:

    Or simply admit, that you should stick to the best brand ? ;o)

  2. Oyvind says:

    Andreas have done really well earlier, but he might have some issues with the glider as he’s always trying out new stuff. We’ll see if he can get it together during the comp and the next.

    Still, WW have had 4-5 months to improve since we saw the difference between the gliders in Bøverdalen…

  3. El Loco says:

    Don`t risk anything, stay with Moyes! :p