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Erik Vermaas – the flying Dutchman from Norway

Sunday, January 29th, 2006

Erik Vermaas, Norwegian from Holland, is again using the winter for flying in a more comfortable environment than Norway. Here in Norway Erik er known for his enormous energy, friendlyness, and early launches – characteristics he is sharing with the instructur who taught him to fly; Terje “First Go” Brønstad. Still, Erik can be unusually enduring when it comes to getting a flight. Here is a SMS I got yesterday (translated from Norwegian by me):

Heradura. Waited for 70 hours in the car until it was possible to fly. 30 minutes to rigg and dry the glider. 7 minutes in the air. 30 minutes to rig down. And 1 hour to walk back up for the car.

One must just admire such persistence. Log book entry here (in Norwegian).

The sled ride season has started at Sundvollen!

Saturday, January 28th, 2006

January, winter, freezing temperatures, inversions, and tail wind. The sled ride season has started.

Thursday the forecast predicted NV winds, and at home the wind was pretty strong. Still, I travelled to Sundvollen expecting nothing else than a sled ride at most. Inversion and cold air from the platou behind the launch provide a safe and predictable tail wind in January. I met up with Petter Peikli who was to try a Litespeed 4 (his first topless and big leap from his previous Avian intermediate glider). I was out to testfly my club’s new (and third) WW Falcon 2 glider.

Petter struggles with the curved wing tips.

I guess that Petter was a little more nervous than me. Still, we were both extremely pleased with our gliders, and Petter bought the Litespeed later that evening. I hope to buy me a Falcon 2 soon, but this year I will prioritise a T2.

Petter ready to launch.

More pictures from Thursday.

Sportavia, task 4 and final results.

Saturday, January 28th, 2006

Jon Gjerde only got 11 km away from the start the last day and got a 25th place. Following from this he fell down to 7th place in the overall result, but still this was a very good result. The day was won by Kraig Coomber, who was the only one in goal. The comp was won by Jon Durand.

Andreas Olsson did well on his WW T2 the last day and came in number 3, and got a 4th place overall.


Thursday, January 26th, 2006

Jon Gjerde (NOR) is still doing very well in the comp. On task 2 he came in as number 10, and on task 3 he came in number 4, missing goal with only 8 km. Only two pilots made goal on task 3. Overall after 3 tasks, Jon is number 6, the place after Gerolf Heinrichs, and the place before Andres Olsson. Current leader is Jon Durand.

Updated Garmin gps’

Tuesday, January 24th, 2006

Garmin in the US has launched a number of updated models. The models GPSMAP 60C, 60CS, 76C and 76CS as well as the eTrex Vista and Legend have been given an additional x in the model name (links are to the updated models). The update is basically the addition of a microSD card slot to expand the memory of the GPS’. Why they have not done this before is somewhat of a mystory to me, but better late than never.

I have just bought a new 60C, but as the price of the x models are about $ 100 higher than the original model I would most likely have gone for the original model anyway. I do not need that much memory for maps. After all, when flying all you need is to look down.

Sportavia International Open.

Sunday, January 22nd, 2006

Most of the pilots from Bogong Cup has moved over to Sportavia and the Sportavia International Open. Meet director is Tove Heaney, originally from Norway. The first task was won by the Bogong “champion” Attila Bertok, which Jon Gjerde (Nor) continous his good flying as he came in number 4.

Results are published her.

Jon Gjerde og Jens Krotseng

Jon Gjerde (left) and Jens Krotseng. Jens is the best placing Norwegian pilot in an International Championship.
Photo (C) Bjørn Hammer

Aeros opens a service centre in Europe.

Thursday, January 19th, 2006

It seems like Aeros is trying to further increase their market share in Europe through better service. They are already a “best buy” in therms of prices here in Norway, and with the World Championship they also proved to have top competition glider.
Here is the message from Aeros about the new centre.

Dear Friends,
We are happy to inform you that on Saturday, February 11th, 2006 the company Aeros Europe based in Eisenach, Germany, will be officially opened. Aeros Europe has been established with the view to have a big stock of parts and a service facility for Aeros products in the center of Europe. We hope this will enable immediate shipment of spare parts from stock whenever necessary, ensuring the quickest and most effective service.

With best regards,
Aeros Team
Natalie Lyssova

Final results Bogong Cup, New Skyline ZeroDrag harness

Wednesday, January 18th, 2006

Bogong Cup Final results.

Jon Gjerde (NOR) did very well in this comp and made number 13 overall. Impressive flying!

Selected results:
1. Attila Bertok, 6433
2. Gerolf Heinrichs, 6010
3. Oliver Barthelmes, 5844.

11. Andreas Olsson, 5080
13. Jon Gjerde, 4850

The Wills Wing T2 seems to have improved during the comp, but it still is behind the Litespeed S’.
New Skyline ZeroDrag Racer harness.
Øyvind Ellefsen, Norwegian Skyline hg dealer, reports that Skyline has further developed the ZeroDrag Racer harness. This harness was the state of the art comp harness when it was first released, but over the last years the competitors have matched and even passed the ZeroDrag harness in design and features (in my opinion). The improvements of the new model include drag redusing features, improved comfort, and quality.

In addition to the new racin harness, Skyline is also developing a simpler and cheaper recreational/acro harness.

Airborne Outback trike – Bogong Cup, task 4.

Wednesday, January 11th, 2006

Airborne Outback trike.

Terje “Mikro” Solberg has been in Sweden and bought Köping Hangglider Club’s Airborne Outback trike. The trike is rigged for aerotowing, and had proven itself as an excellent towing trike in Köping. I towed behind it myself last summer. The trike will be located at Spydeberg, the same airport as the Moyes-Bailey tug. This is a very welcome addition to the tow capacity here in the Oslo area.


Photo: From Airborne’s homepage.

Bogong Cup, task 4.

Jon Gjerde made 17th place on this task, the best of those who did not reach goal. Following from this he fell down to 12th place overall. Still, very good flying. Andreas Olsson had good day on his T2 and came in as number 6. Seems like the T2 is speeding up.

Yesterday it was one year since the tragic death of Robin.

Tuesday, January 10th, 2006

Yesterday Erik Vermaas sent the message below on the Norwegian hg e-mail list (text in Norwegain):
I dag er det akkurat 1 år siden vi mistet Robin. Jeg vil bare si hvor mye han er savnet som venn og flykompis.

En liten historie:

Robin likte å skryte. En av favoritthistoriene hans var å fortelle at han pleide å lande på den bittelille stranda ved Toix, i øst Spania, hvor til og med paraglidere nesten ikke klarer å lande. “PeeGe’no klarer nest ikke å lande der. HAHAHAHAHA. Jeg lander alltid der. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.” I høst var jeg på starten på dette stedet og møtte noen sveitsiske paraglidere. Før jeg rakk å nevne at jeg kom fra Norge begynte å fortelle: “Robin pleide alltid å lande her bedre enn oss, for så å erte oss med det.” Det jeg likte med denne historien er at det viste seg at Robins versjon av historien var 100% riktig og ikke overdrevet.

Robin flying in Spain.

Robin flying in Spain, self portrait.