News summary

It has been a slow October and not too much to write about, or that I have been lazy. Anyway, here is a summary of some news the last month.

Kings Trophy to Nils Åge Henden.
Nils Åge Henden got the Kings Trophy for airsports (motor, micro, sailplane, hang gliding/paragliding, ballon, and model) for winning this years national championship in Vågå. This trophy is the ultimate honor for an athlete in his or her sport. Nils Åge probably won not just because he won this year’s national championship, but also for his 20 years of competitive flying, 4 national championships, 2 Nordic Championships, and more. He has been the best ranked pilot in Norway the last years.

B.A.S.E. jump.
In mid August I finally got to realise an old dream – to jump B.A.S.E. Petter Peikli, one of last year’s hg-student and already experienced pilot, is an experienced B.A.S.E. jumper with more than 400 jumps. He heared me talking about my dream of jumping and arranged for me to try. Petter packed the chute and instructed me before the jump, which took place at the old bridge at Svinesund. The hight is about. The jump was perfect and I landed safely in the water. It was an extreme rush. The jump was filmed and I hope to put out a video soon.
I have not written about this before because my girlfriend and co-habiter for the last 10 years, Line, threatened to throw me out from home if I B.A.S.E. jumped. Well, now I have admitted my sin, and if possible I will jump again, and I still got a home. But she did not like it a bit.
Thanks Petter for a spectacular experience!

The hang glider course.
The first weekend in September we had 4 students starting at the clubs hang gliding course. After a while 2 new students also joined us. Three weeks 3 of the students got their first altitude flights from Brandbukampen, and a week later more flights from Ryghåsen. Terje “Birdman” Brønstad has been responsible the training hill, and has done a lot of work for the course. Øyvind Ellefsen and myself have been responsible for the altitude flights.

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