New Aeros’ glider and harness version

Justfly presents information about a new Aeros glider. Aeros’ official homepage has no information about this, but then this site seems to be updated every three year or so.
The new glider is called Vector and presented at as an entry level glide. It has curved tips!, double sail, VG, and lever batten tips, but lacks sprogs. I guess this glider will close the gap between the Target and the Discus glider. The main competitor will most likely be the WW Sport 2, while older makes include Moyes Sonic and Laminar Easy. Price and specifictions for the Vector is not yet available.

Aeros Vector, photo from

In addition, it seems like the Viper harness is released in a new version called S. Still, no information is publised about it. I have three seasons with with Viper, first version, and is still very pleased with the harness. Read my review of the harness after one year here. I still have the same conclusions and impressions after three years.

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