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New Icaro helmet

Friday, September 30th, 2005

Icaro keeps on producing new helmet models. This time it is a “down to basics” model. One of the dealers in Norway is Svein Dahl, mail svein.dahl(at)


Instructor seminar last weekend

Tuesday, September 27th, 2005

I was “instructor” at the instructors seminar (the 4 year compulsory update for hg and pg instructors) in Vågå this weekend. I had only two sessions and hoped to get a couple flights as well, but the wind was too strong both days.

Laminar Orbiter

Thursday, September 15th, 2005

Icaro presents a new advanced intermediate glider called Orbiter. According to Icaro the first 10 glider are out on the market, but no data is available on their web site. Is this glider replacing the MastR or is it filling a gap between this glider and the topless Zero7?
Photo: Icaro2000

About the Aeros Vector

Sunday, September 11th, 2005

Knut Johansen forwarded the following information from Aeros:

The new glider, Vector. We didn’t release it yet, GW was too quick 🙂 It is
at the final stage of development and we hope to have it available to order
soon, but can’t tell either the exact timing or the price yet.

Glider details available for the time being:
Sail area:14.5 m2
Wing span:9.5 m
A-frame: same as for a Discus 14

My comment:
If priced between the Target and the Discus, the Vector should be favourably priced in Norway. I hope to get a chance to test fly it.

No tugging today!

Sunday, September 11th, 2005

After some confusion Friday evening a bunch of us ended up going to Kongsvinger to tow – the bunch being Øyvind E., Alf O., Arild, Johnny R., Jostein V. and myself. Still, when we arrived Øyvind, who had arrived early reported that the tug engine had been strange. After a couple of flights by Alf and Øyvind the tug did not respond to well to the the throttle and we had to try to do some emergency repairs. But all efforts were in vain, and we had the derigg the gliders and drive home without flying.

AirBorne dealer in Norway

Friday, September 9th, 2005

I did not know that Airborne had a dealer in Norway before I aske AirBorne in Australia for prizes on the new C4. But it turned out that I got price info from Lars I. Forus from Norway. It is good that also AirBorne has a representive in Norway, even though it is not that many AirBorne gliders here, yet? The new C-4 seems to be a good glider and the Fun is a perfect beginner or fun glider.
I you have any questions about AirBorne in Norway contact Lars at larsi(at)

Photo of the C4, source AirBorne homepage.

New Aeros’ glider and harness version

Wednesday, September 7th, 2005

Justfly presents information about a new Aeros glider. Aeros’ official homepage has no information about this, but then this site seems to be updated every three year or so.
The new glider is called Vector and presented at as an entry level glide. It has curved tips!, double sail, VG, and lever batten tips, but lacks sprogs. I guess this glider will close the gap between the Target and the Discus glider. The main competitor will most likely be the WW Sport 2, while older makes include Moyes Sonic and Laminar Easy. Price and specifictions for the Vector is not yet available.

Aeros Vector, photo from

In addition, it seems like the Viper harness is released in a new version called S. Still, no information is publised about it. I have three seasons with with Viper, first version, and is still very pleased with the harness. Read my review of the harness after one year here. I still have the same conclusions and impressions after three years.

Pictures from Stefan Hobbesland

Monday, September 5th, 2005

Stefan Hobbesland sends this link to his pictures from the summer LINK.
The pictures are from Lanzarote, Vågå, and from Eiken (and possibly a couple of other places).
Pictues and © by Stefan Hobbesland – if you chose to use one or more of these pictures I guess he would be gratefull if you asked – s-hobbes(at)