K0ngsvinger, day 2

Another day of towing at Kongsvinger. Today it was Finn Spjeldnæs who was tug pilot. It was the same conditions as yesterday; calm and no lift. Still, it was nice flying, and I got two tows to 500 metres. Steinar got one more tow than the rest of us – as usual. Today Johnny Reichle also turned up to try towing, and he got his first tow. Both he and Petter tow like they have never done anything else. Øyvind Ellefsen did one tow with the clubs WW Falon 2 170 to see how it performed behind the tug, and to evaluate wheather it is safe to start an aero towing course with our course gliders and the tug. According to Øyvind the Falcon was easy to fly and should be perfect for students to use for tows.
HERE are a few pictures from the last to days.

Petter Peikli on his first tow.

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