Towing at Kongsvinger

A “seleted group” of pilots had a nice day at Kongsvinger today; Alf Opøyen tug pilot, Øyvind Ellefsen tug pilot in training, Truls Schøyen also tug pilot trainee, Petter Peikli a fresh first year and SP 4 pilot , Steinar “Barron”, and myself. Petter got his first tows, and did very well considering the glider he is flying. He got two good flight and a few aborted flights but did very well. Steinar got his last two flight to be checked out with an aero tow lisense. Truls got his first two flex wing tows as tow pilot and towed as he has never done anything else. In addition, Øyvind got more than two hours in the air with the tug and lots of take offs and landing. Hopefully he will be ready to tow later this year. I got to nice tows to 500 and 750 metres above the airfield. A perfect day.

Tomorrow, Sunday, Finn Spjeldnæs will be towing at Kongsvinger.

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