Course intro. at Årvoll

This evening Terje “Birdman” Brønstad and I had an “introduction day” to market this year’s hang glider course. After a while “Lille-Terje” also showed up with two friends that wanted to try out hang gliding. Even though it was light rain the intro day was quite successful and we had 6 potential students attending, and 4 of those definitely wanted to start with hang gliding.
It turned out that the local paraglider club also had chosen this evening as an intro day, but they chose not to turn up for one reason or another. Not a good idea with “Birdman” around. He aggressively promoted hang gliding to the poor prospective pg-pilots. So we had more than 10 potential pg-pilots just standing looking at us, and a few of them eventually even tried hang gliding. Nice, maybe we have saved them from pg?

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