Vågå Open, day 8 – task 4 and party

Last day of the comp. Conditions were good, but unfortunately we had still N-NE winds so we had to go to Bøverdalen again. This made a large organisational problem for Øyvind and me as it is late conditions in Bøverdalen and it is a one hour drive from Vågå. As a result of this we had to move the comp dinner from 2000 to 2100, and Øyvind had to spend most of the dinner scoring in order to have the results ready for the price seremony.

The task comittee set a fun task back and forth a couple of times in Bøverdalen. It was fun seeing pilots flying up and down the valley chasing the TPs, and it was even possible for the slower pilots (me included) to thermal with some of the really hot shots. I was not too motivated today, but forced myself to try to fly the task, and finally I managed to fly a good task and ended up as no 12. I almost reached goal but was flew too agressive towards the last TP and had to land between the this TP and goal.

After the flying both comp pilots and lots of other pilots had dinner and a h… of a party. Some of us did not give up until 0700 in the morning.

Complete results, tasks, and track logs HERE.
No. 1 Gerolf Heinrichs, AUT, Moyes Litespeed S 4
No. 2 Michael Frichenbichler, AUT, Moyes Litespeed S 3,5
No. 3 Andreas Olsson, SWE, Wills Wing T2

NM winners
Top three in the Norwegian national championship: Left – Olav Opsanger 3rd; centre – Nils Åge Henden 1st; right – Jon Gjerde – 2nd.

Pictures from the competition HERE.

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