Vågå Open, day 7 – task 3

The day looked far from promising with strong N-NE winds and overcast. Still, the forecast promised more sun in the afternoon and evening so the meet directors (Øvvind Ellefsen and myself) and the task comittee decided to wait as long as possible as it is possible to fly tasks in Bøverdalen – Juvass as late as 2000. At 1430 we got reports that it looked better in Bøverdalen 50 km from Vågå and everyone jumped in the cars and drove up. With lots of wind outside Bøverdalen the task comittee set a short local task. Gerolf and Andreas Olsson were optimistic and launched early, but had to land after scratching for an hour or so. As they landed conditions improved and about half of the pilots managed to launch in difficult crosswind conditions. Noone flew the task, but the pilots had a lot of fun and flew until 2100 – not that uncommon in Bøverdalen. Seppi Salvenmoser won the day and got 13 points.

Michael Frisenbichler
Michael Frichenbichler launches from Dugurdsmålskampen – the lower launch at Juvass.

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