Vågå Open, day 4.

The day was cancelled at 1200. Strong winds and rain showers all around us at Salknappen made it impossible to set a safe and good task. Instead some pilots got short flights down to the main landing in turbulent conditions – lots of exciting landings. Later in the evening some pilots got good flights in between the rain shower, and both motorised hg and pg launched and flew from the main LZ here at Sørem.

The competition is going OK for Øyvind and myself as organisers, but we (that is Øyvind the it-guru) has major problems with CompeGPS, the scoring program. Lots of bugs and wrong calculations of scores. Currently we are only able to have very “preliminary and inofficial” scores from the comp.

Michael Frisenbichler
Michael Frisenbichler launching at Salknappen. Photo: Bjørn Hammer.

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