Vågå Open day 3

Monday, July 18th, day 3 – task 2:

The forcast for today seemed good, and we decided to start from Salknappen after a short stop at Vole to inspect the conditons. Todays task was Salknappen-Otta-Lesja, 70,8 km. Nils Åge Henden, Jens Krotseng, and Otto Baste launched as soon as the window opened, but had to land after a while. In the mean time a powerful rain shower over Vågå and lots of shade around the launch made the rest of us wait for better conditions. The last 30 minutes of the launch window conditions improved a little and the rest of the pilots started. First out was the Austrians, then the hot shots, and then the rest of us. I was out quite early in this group, but did not find any significant lift and had to land. The three pilots who had launched early all managed to get back up again for a second try, and Nils Åge and Jens both flew the task.
I am not pleased with my performance today. Quite a few of the pilots I started with got up and even flew the task, but I had no chance. Several others also had to land at the same time as me but that is not making my performance any better.
A total of 11 pilots got to goal while 12 landed less than the minimum distance of 10 km. So it seems that it was a day that either was good or bad – depending on who you ask. I landed at the main landing, so for me it was a bad day.

Preliminary results:
1. Gerolf Heinrichs (aut).
2. Michael Frichenbichler (aut).
3. Andreas Olsson (swe).
4. Nils Åge Henden (nor).
5. Jon Gjerde (nor).

Gerolf Heinrichs
Gerolf Heinrichs outside the national hg/pg centre in Vågå. Photo: Bjørn Hammer

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