Vågå Open, day 1 and 2

Friday, July 15th, preparations for Vågå Open.
I arrived in Vågå Thursday evening hoping to fly on Friday. Still, it was not flyable so I spent the day doing the last preparations before Vågå Open. I am meet director and Øyvind Ellefsen ass. meet director – or the other way around. It is just we two organising the comp with the help of the National Hang- and Paragliding Centre. Vågå Open includes the open competition which is a CIVL chategory 2 comp, the Norwegian hang glider championship, and this year also the Swedish hang glider championship. There are 28 pilots in the open competition including Gerolf Heinrichs, Seppi Salvenmoser, and Michael Frisenbichler. In the Norwegian championship it is 22 pilots, in the Swedish championship it is 3 (!) pilots, and 3 pilots (the Austrians) in the open comp.

Saturday, July 16th, day 1 – cancelled:
The first day of Vågå Open it was overcast and NW winds, tailwind at the main launch here in Vågå. We cancelled the day 1400 or so. Instead of flying Gerolf just the day tuning the Litespeeds of some of the Norwegian pilots – with a large audience of interested pilots. In the evening Gerolf held a 4 hour lecture about a lot of the basics of hang glider constructions. Still, for most of us I guess it was not that basic after all. Very interesting, and I have definitely a lot to learn about this topic.

Sunday, July 17th, day 2 – task 1:
The forecast for today was good, but with Northern winds we would have to rely on the thermals to make it launchable at Vole, a S-launch. I was overcast in the morning and it did initially not look too good, but soon it was launhable and the task comittee set the following task: Vole – Sjoa – Tordkampen – Vågå bru – Goal (70 km). The launch window opened at 1345 and all the top guns started at once. I was 1 minute (actually one minute) after the last of these pilots and was stuck in tailwind for over 90 minutes before being able to launch. I did not fly too good, and was kind of uninspired after the long wait. In addition I saw that most of the pilots that tried to fly the task fell down pretty quick – at least most of them. As a result of this decided to land at the main LZ instead of gliding out a few km and then wait for transport. A total of four pilots made it to goal. Jon Gjerde won the day, with Andreas Olsson second, and Gerolf Heinrichs third.
Jon Gjerde
Jon Gjerde, photo Bjørn Hammer.

Results to be publised at Vågå Open’s web.

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