Report from Milslukern

Thursday, July 7th:
I drove up Wednesday evening, just to find that the main LZ and the national hg/pg centre was flooded. As a result of this stayed at Holongsøy camping with Alf, Eirik (Alf’s driver!) and Vegard. The day before we started from Salknappen, hoping for a practice xc-flight. Conditions were pretty good, but I was lots of shade and it seemed to be difficult to fly long distances. I touched cloud base twice while waiting for sun in the area I wanted to fly towards, and only the third in cloud base I thought conditions were good enough to fly away. From then on it was easy to fly 40 km SE to Lora. I had to stop and wait for sun a couple of times, but had no problems otherwise. At Lora it was overcast and headwind, and I tried to fly back but had to land after only a few km.
Log book entry.

Friday, July 8th:
Milslukern, day 1. The comp organisers decided to start from Bismo, one of my nemisis’. The reason is that you need to fly a looong way over some really desolate moutain areas. If you fall down here it is no cell phone coverage, and if you fall down very early you will have a long walk out. Today, I did not get very high, and again I chickened out and chose to fly the “safe” outer route. The result was that I fell down near Lom after only 16 km. Again defeated by Bismo! I hate it! Several pilots flew over 10 km today.
Log book entry.

Saturday, July 9th:
Milslukern, day 2. Start from Vole. Difficult conditions with strong inversions, and I never got very high. After struggling for one and a half hour I got up to 1800 masl or so but was so tired and warm that I decided not to fly away. At the landing (the reserve landing because of the flood) the wind had picked up and we a lot of interesting landing. Strangely, no uprights were broken. Also today serveral pilots flew + 100 km. In the possitive side for me I at least managed to stay up while other pilots fell through. My flying buddy Steinar Sverd got up easy today and set a personal best flying almost to Alvdal – well done! In the evening Robin Strid’s mother and father invitede to a memorial dinner/bbq. Milslukern was Robin’s favourite comp so this was an appropriate farewell to Robin.
Johnny landing in rough conditions.
Johnny R. landing in rough conditions.

Sunday, July 10th:
Milslukern, day 3. Rain, bad weather and the cast day of Milslukern was cancelled. In addition, the national hang and paraglider centre reopened after the flood, and lots of pilots spent some of the day cleaning up the centre.

Monday, July 11th:
With Milslukern finished a lot of pilots went to Bismo once again in order to try to get some long flights. I joined them hoping to break Bismo and Finndalen today. And finally I broke this launch. Also today it was several strong inversions, and I used over one hour to get high enough to fly towards Finndalen. It was actually quite scary to fly over this desolate mountains, but the flying was easy untill the end of Finndalen. Here it was totally blue conditions, and I was so low that I did not want glide towards Vågå and better conditions. Still, at least I finally flew from Bismo on my third attempt.
Today, three young paraglider pilots flew over 100 km. One of them even almost matched the national distance record flying 152 km. On the hang glider side Otto Baste flew 135 km to Tynset, and new declared goal and speed over 100 km national record (unofficial).
Log book entry.

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