Old news: Salknappen + BASE

Old news from June 30th.

The forecast promised early overdevelopment, this was correct. So most of us decided to start as early as possible. I launched at 1045, and got a one hour flight. I could have made more out of this flight, but quite early the lift was so strong that I chose to abort and take a closer look at the cloud development before following the thermals up to cloud base. Unfortunately, this was the last strong lift I had during this flight, and spent rest of the flight scratching low trying to get up again. Still, I did overdevelop and noone got long flights anyway.

After this Steinar, Johnny, Geir, and I joint Petter to explore a new possible site for B.A.S.E jumping in Vågårusti. After some driving we finally found road close to the jump point, and Petter Peikli walked to the cliff while the rest of us drove down to the landing. From the top Petter reported that the cliff was vertical and suitable for jumping. Still, he needed a 15 metre run to get clear of the wall. Petter jumped with his cell phone on so we got a live report from the jump.

Petter jumping BASE
Petter coming down from his B.A.S.E jump from Tolstadkampen in Vågårusti.

In the evening we had one more flight from Salknappen in overcast conditions. Most pilots fell through and had to land, but I managed to slowly soar up again after having been low. After a while the lift became stronger although it was overcast, and soon I was crusing around in stable lift. But then the conditions became turbulent, and I and the rest of the pilots had to struggle to get down. The lift just increased and it became more and more turbulent, and I was really struggling to get down. I finally managed to loose altitude, and experieced my most turbulent landing ever in Vågå. On final I was thrown all over the place, and 6 metres or so over the LZ I got a hard push on my right wing tip, turned 90 degrees, flew over (or between) some tents and mobile homes before ending up in the river next to the landing. It was a wet landing!

The landing.
My glider where I landed.

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