Øyer – Thursday

A perfect thermal forecast for Thursday, and Geir H. and I drove up from Oslo in the morning and was joined by Bjørn J. from Hamar. In addition, Trond Olsen joined us as he was not able to work with such a forecast. Most us were ready to fly at about 1200, and around us conditions looked perfect. Still, we were standing in totally blue conditions and weak cycles at Øyer. Bjørn J and I declared the main landing in vågå as goal – quite optimistic, but so was the forecast. We finally started a little after 1400. Bjørn J was first out and I second. Bjørn J managed to get up while I slowly sunk down and towards the LZ. I was pretty depressed after landing, but I was soon joined by Trond Olsen and Geir, and we rushed up again for a second try. In the mean time Bjørn J. finally managed to get through the inversion and started to fly North towards Vågå. Up again, Trond, Geir, and I rigged and started at once. Trond got up quite quickly, but I used a while getting through the inversion at 1100 masl. I finally got through the inversion after about 45 minutes and started to fly North after the others. Still, I did not get any longer than to Fåvang, a distance of 22 km. Trond flew 70 km, and Bjørn J. 95 km, a new personal record of Bjørn J. The downside of flying the shortest today was waiting 5 hours for transport back to my car.

A few pictures from the day HERE.

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