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More pictures from Vågå Open

Sunday, July 31st, 2005

Photos from Lene Markeng HERE. Some pg photos but mostly hg photos from the comp.

Vågå Open, day 8 – task 4 and party

Tuesday, July 26th, 2005

Last day of the comp. Conditions were good, but unfortunately we had still N-NE winds so we had to go to Bøverdalen again. This made a large organisational problem for Øyvind and me as it is late conditions in Bøverdalen and it is a one hour drive from Vågå. As a result of this we had to move the comp dinner from 2000 to 2100, and Øyvind had to spend most of the dinner scoring in order to have the results ready for the price seremony.

The task comittee set a fun task back and forth a couple of times in Bøverdalen. It was fun seeing pilots flying up and down the valley chasing the TPs, and it was even possible for the slower pilots (me included) to thermal with some of the really hot shots. I was not too motivated today, but forced myself to try to fly the task, and finally I managed to fly a good task and ended up as no 12. I almost reached goal but was flew too agressive towards the last TP and had to land between the this TP and goal.

After the flying both comp pilots and lots of other pilots had dinner and a h… of a party. Some of us did not give up until 0700 in the morning.

Complete results, tasks, and track logs HERE.
No. 1 Gerolf Heinrichs, AUT, Moyes Litespeed S 4
No. 2 Michael Frichenbichler, AUT, Moyes Litespeed S 3,5
No. 3 Andreas Olsson, SWE, Wills Wing T2

NM winners
Top three in the Norwegian national championship: Left – Olav Opsanger 3rd; centre – Nils Åge Henden 1st; right – Jon Gjerde – 2nd.

Pictures from the competition HERE.

Vågå Open, day 7 – task 3

Tuesday, July 26th, 2005

The day looked far from promising with strong N-NE winds and overcast. Still, the forecast promised more sun in the afternoon and evening so the meet directors (Øvvind Ellefsen and myself) and the task comittee decided to wait as long as possible as it is possible to fly tasks in Bøverdalen – Juvass as late as 2000. At 1430 we got reports that it looked better in Bøverdalen 50 km from Vågå and everyone jumped in the cars and drove up. With lots of wind outside Bøverdalen the task comittee set a short local task. Gerolf and Andreas Olsson were optimistic and launched early, but had to land after scratching for an hour or so. As they landed conditions improved and about half of the pilots managed to launch in difficult crosswind conditions. Noone flew the task, but the pilots had a lot of fun and flew until 2100 – not that uncommon in Bøverdalen. Seppi Salvenmoser won the day and got 13 points.

Michael Frisenbichler
Michael Frichenbichler launches from Dugurdsmålskampen – the lower launch at Juvass.

Read Gerolf Heinrichs report from day 6 and 7 in the OzReport.

Vågå Open, day 6.

Friday, July 22nd, 2005

Cancelled due to strong winds, overcast, and occational rain showers. Gerolf Heinrichs tuned a couple of Litespeeds – otherwise not much happening.

Vågå Open day 5

Wednesday, July 20th, 2005

Rain – strong wind – cancelled – boring.

The day’s only highlight was Gerolf Heinrichs 4 hour lecture about aerodynamics in the evening.

Vågå Open, day 4.

Wednesday, July 20th, 2005

The day was cancelled at 1200. Strong winds and rain showers all around us at Salknappen made it impossible to set a safe and good task. Instead some pilots got short flights down to the main landing in turbulent conditions – lots of exciting landings. Later in the evening some pilots got good flights in between the rain shower, and both motorised hg and pg launched and flew from the main LZ here at Sørem.

The competition is going OK for Øyvind and myself as organisers, but we (that is Øyvind the it-guru) has major problems with CompeGPS, the scoring program. Lots of bugs and wrong calculations of scores. Currently we are only able to have very “preliminary and inofficial” scores from the comp.

Michael Frisenbichler
Michael Frisenbichler launching at Salknappen. Photo: Bjørn Hammer.

Vågå Open day 3

Monday, July 18th, 2005

Monday, July 18th, day 3 – task 2:

The forcast for today seemed good, and we decided to start from Salknappen after a short stop at Vole to inspect the conditons. Todays task was Salknappen-Otta-Lesja, 70,8 km. Nils Åge Henden, Jens Krotseng, and Otto Baste launched as soon as the window opened, but had to land after a while. In the mean time a powerful rain shower over Vågå and lots of shade around the launch made the rest of us wait for better conditions. The last 30 minutes of the launch window conditions improved a little and the rest of the pilots started. First out was the Austrians, then the hot shots, and then the rest of us. I was out quite early in this group, but did not find any significant lift and had to land. The three pilots who had launched early all managed to get back up again for a second try, and Nils Åge and Jens both flew the task.
I am not pleased with my performance today. Quite a few of the pilots I started with got up and even flew the task, but I had no chance. Several others also had to land at the same time as me but that is not making my performance any better.
A total of 11 pilots got to goal while 12 landed less than the minimum distance of 10 km. So it seems that it was a day that either was good or bad – depending on who you ask. I landed at the main landing, so for me it was a bad day.

Preliminary results:
1. Gerolf Heinrichs (aut).
2. Michael Frichenbichler (aut).
3. Andreas Olsson (swe).
4. Nils Åge Henden (nor).
5. Jon Gjerde (nor).

Gerolf Heinrichs
Gerolf Heinrichs outside the national hg/pg centre in Vågå. Photo: Bjørn Hammer

Vågå Open, day 1 and 2

Sunday, July 17th, 2005

Friday, July 15th, preparations for Vågå Open.
I arrived in Vågå Thursday evening hoping to fly on Friday. Still, it was not flyable so I spent the day doing the last preparations before Vågå Open. I am meet director and Øyvind Ellefsen ass. meet director – or the other way around. It is just we two organising the comp with the help of the National Hang- and Paragliding Centre. Vågå Open includes the open competition which is a CIVL chategory 2 comp, the Norwegian hang glider championship, and this year also the Swedish hang glider championship. There are 28 pilots in the open competition including Gerolf Heinrichs, Seppi Salvenmoser, and Michael Frisenbichler. In the Norwegian championship it is 22 pilots, in the Swedish championship it is 3 (!) pilots, and 3 pilots (the Austrians) in the open comp.

Saturday, July 16th, day 1 – cancelled:
The first day of Vågå Open it was overcast and NW winds, tailwind at the main launch here in Vågå. We cancelled the day 1400 or so. Instead of flying Gerolf just the day tuning the Litespeeds of some of the Norwegian pilots – with a large audience of interested pilots. In the evening Gerolf held a 4 hour lecture about a lot of the basics of hang glider constructions. Still, for most of us I guess it was not that basic after all. Very interesting, and I have definitely a lot to learn about this topic.

Sunday, July 17th, day 2 – task 1:
The forecast for today was good, but with Northern winds we would have to rely on the thermals to make it launchable at Vole, a S-launch. I was overcast in the morning and it did initially not look too good, but soon it was launhable and the task comittee set the following task: Vole – Sjoa – Tordkampen – Vågå bru – Goal (70 km). The launch window opened at 1345 and all the top guns started at once. I was 1 minute (actually one minute) after the last of these pilots and was stuck in tailwind for over 90 minutes before being able to launch. I did not fly too good, and was kind of uninspired after the long wait. In addition I saw that most of the pilots that tried to fly the task fell down pretty quick – at least most of them. As a result of this decided to land at the main LZ instead of gliding out a few km and then wait for transport. A total of four pilots made it to goal. Jon Gjerde won the day, with Andreas Olsson second, and Gerolf Heinrichs third.
Jon Gjerde
Jon Gjerde, photo Bjørn Hammer.

Results to be publised at Vågå Open’s web.

Off to Vågå and Vågå Open

Thursday, July 14th, 2005

This evening I am driving up to Vågå again for the Vågå Open comp. This comp is also the national championships for Sweden and Norway. I will be meet director, but I will also fly the comp. Hopefully, I will perform better here than in Milslukern.

Report from Milslukern

Thursday, July 14th, 2005

Thursday, July 7th:
I drove up Wednesday evening, just to find that the main LZ and the national hg/pg centre was flooded. As a result of this stayed at Holongsøy camping with Alf, Eirik (Alf’s driver!) and Vegard. The day before we started from Salknappen, hoping for a practice xc-flight. Conditions were pretty good, but I was lots of shade and it seemed to be difficult to fly long distances. I touched cloud base twice while waiting for sun in the area I wanted to fly towards, and only the third in cloud base I thought conditions were good enough to fly away. From then on it was easy to fly 40 km SE to Lora. I had to stop and wait for sun a couple of times, but had no problems otherwise. At Lora it was overcast and headwind, and I tried to fly back but had to land after only a few km.
Log book entry.

Friday, July 8th:
Milslukern, day 1. The comp organisers decided to start from Bismo, one of my nemisis’. The reason is that you need to fly a looong way over some really desolate moutain areas. If you fall down here it is no cell phone coverage, and if you fall down very early you will have a long walk out. Today, I did not get very high, and again I chickened out and chose to fly the “safe” outer route. The result was that I fell down near Lom after only 16 km. Again defeated by Bismo! I hate it! Several pilots flew over 10 km today.
Log book entry.

Saturday, July 9th:
Milslukern, day 2. Start from Vole. Difficult conditions with strong inversions, and I never got very high. After struggling for one and a half hour I got up to 1800 masl or so but was so tired and warm that I decided not to fly away. At the landing (the reserve landing because of the flood) the wind had picked up and we a lot of interesting landing. Strangely, no uprights were broken. Also today serveral pilots flew + 100 km. In the possitive side for me I at least managed to stay up while other pilots fell through. My flying buddy Steinar Sverd got up easy today and set a personal best flying almost to Alvdal – well done! In the evening Robin Strid’s mother and father invitede to a memorial dinner/bbq. Milslukern was Robin’s favourite comp so this was an appropriate farewell to Robin.
Johnny landing in rough conditions.
Johnny R. landing in rough conditions.

Sunday, July 10th:
Milslukern, day 3. Rain, bad weather and the cast day of Milslukern was cancelled. In addition, the national hang and paraglider centre reopened after the flood, and lots of pilots spent some of the day cleaning up the centre.

Monday, July 11th:
With Milslukern finished a lot of pilots went to Bismo once again in order to try to get some long flights. I joined them hoping to break Bismo and Finndalen today. And finally I broke this launch. Also today it was several strong inversions, and I used over one hour to get high enough to fly towards Finndalen. It was actually quite scary to fly over this desolate mountains, but the flying was easy untill the end of Finndalen. Here it was totally blue conditions, and I was so low that I did not want glide towards Vågå and better conditions. Still, at least I finally flew from Bismo on my third attempt.
Today, three young paraglider pilots flew over 100 km. One of them even almost matched the national distance record flying 152 km. On the hang glider side Otto Baste flew 135 km to Tynset, and new declared goal and speed over 100 km national record (unofficial).
Log book entry.