Off to Vågå – flying plans.

Tomorrow morning I will drive towards Vågå, and hopefully some days of good flying. Tomorrow Bjørn Joakimsen and I will give Øyer a try as it is half way to Vågå and in the Southern most part of Gudbrandsdalen (and the forecast is Southern winds). Maybe a very long XC flight – or a sled ride. I will then stay in Vågå at least untill Monday. Then I wil drove back up on Thursday evening to fly Milslukern XC-competition, which runs for three days from Friday 8. to Sunday 10. Then, depending on the weather, I will either stay in Vågå this week and prepare for Vågå Open, which runs from Saturday 16. to Saturday 23., or if the weather is bad take a short trip home. Most likely I will stay in Vågå between Milslukern and Vågå Open. I need to get some air time after a bad season so far, and I an meet director for Vågå Open and need to make some preparations for this comp as well.
After that I guess that I will have had enough of Vågå for some weeks.

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