Nice day at Brandbukampen

With lots of bad weather lately a bunch of us decided to take a day off and take advantage of one day with better weather. The bunch consisted of Alf, Johnny, Petter, Lene, and Harald. In addition, a couple of pg-pilots also showed up.
Alf, WW dealer, brought with him a brand new Wills Wing Sport 2 155 to test fly. The glider looked great. The Sport 2 is an “easy” intermediate glider with VG and one sprog on each side making it possible to reduce the number of luff lines. Further the glider has curved tips. Unfortunately, Alf was not at lucky with his flights today and only got two prolonged sled rides.

I started as number two and flew straight into a nice lift and soon cruised around enjoying myself. But then the it became more overcast and the lift totally died out, and I headed for the landing while quite high hoping for thermals there as it was more sunny in this area. I sunk to about 150 metres above the landing and managed to stay here in +/- 0,1 m/s lift/sink for a few minutes waiting, hoping, and paying for the sun to come back. In the last second the sun returned and I got up again (luck for once). I then cruised around until conditions died out again and I had to land.

Pictures from the day HERE .

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