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Off to Vågå – flying plans.

Wednesday, June 29th, 2005

Tomorrow morning I will drive towards Vågå, and hopefully some days of good flying. Tomorrow Bjørn Joakimsen and I will give Øyer a try as it is half way to Vågå and in the Southern most part of Gudbrandsdalen (and the forecast is Southern winds). Maybe a very long XC flight – or a sled ride. I will then stay in Vågå at least untill Monday. Then I wil drove back up on Thursday evening to fly Milslukern XC-competition, which runs for three days from Friday 8. to Sunday 10. Then, depending on the weather, I will either stay in Vågå this week and prepare for Vågå Open, which runs from Saturday 16. to Saturday 23., or if the weather is bad take a short trip home. Most likely I will stay in Vågå between Milslukern and Vågå Open. I need to get some air time after a bad season so far, and I an meet director for Vågå Open and need to make some preparations for this comp as well.
After that I guess that I will have had enough of Vågå for some weeks.

Wedding and no flying

Monday, June 27th, 2005

I was best man in a wedding this weekend, so I did not fly. Conditions were not that good and the party was nice so all in all it was a very good weekend even without flying (I am still recovering from the hangover).

Arcturus – Steinar Sverd Johnsen

Monday, June 27th, 2005

I got the first press photo from the coming album from Arcturus from Steinar Sverd Johnsen a couple of days ago. This weekend he was in Hallingdal to fly, but according to reports conditions were not that good.
Arcturus press photo.

Finsterwalder Speedfex

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005

Craig from Tanzania is trying to find someone with first hand experience with the Finsterwalder Speedfex. He is especially interested in how the glider is to fly (obviously). Craig is currently flying a Funfex and is over time intersted in a better performing glider which can be packed very short, hence the interest for the Speedfex.
If you have flown the Speedfex, please write a short review as a comment to this article.

Speedfex information.

Finsterwalder Speedfex, photo Finsterwalder.


Tuesday, June 21st, 2005

Rumours have it that # 1 acro hg pilot in Norway, Jon Gjerde, tucked while spinning his glider today. In addition, Jørgen “Speedwing” Kjellberg got his car more or less demolished after being hit by another car after having parked his car beside the road to help Jon after he landed safely under his emergency chute.

Jon “Kanon” Gjerde, photo: Robin Strid.

Arcturus and Steinar Sverd

Thursday, June 16th, 2005

On our way home from Brandbukampen Øyvind and I visited Steinar Sverd Johnsen, fellow hang glider pilot and musician/composer, at the nearby sound studio where the new Arcturus album is mixed. We heared one track from the album and parts of other tracks. It sounded very promising. The album will be released in September.

Arcturus, photo Bjørn Hammer
Photo, Bjørn Hammer. Steinar Sverd to the right. Notice the mixing table – it is the same where Nirvana’s Nevermind – Smells Like Teen Spirit was mixed! Full size pic. here.

Arcturus homepage.

Nice day at Brandbukampen

Thursday, June 16th, 2005

With lots of bad weather lately a bunch of us decided to take a day off and take advantage of one day with better weather. The bunch consisted of Alf, Johnny, Petter, Lene, and Harald. In addition, a couple of pg-pilots also showed up.
Alf, WW dealer, brought with him a brand new Wills Wing Sport 2 155 to test fly. The glider looked great. The Sport 2 is an “easy” intermediate glider with VG and one sprog on each side making it possible to reduce the number of luff lines. Further the glider has curved tips. Unfortunately, Alf was not at lucky with his flights today and only got two prolonged sled rides.

I started as number two and flew straight into a nice lift and soon cruised around enjoying myself. But then the it became more overcast and the lift totally died out, and I headed for the landing while quite high hoping for thermals there as it was more sunny in this area. I sunk to about 150 metres above the landing and managed to stay here in +/- 0,1 m/s lift/sink for a few minutes waiting, hoping, and paying for the sun to come back. In the last second the sun returned and I got up again (luck for once). I then cruised around until conditions died out again and I had to land.

Pictures from the day HERE .

Birdman’s arrival

Friday, June 10th, 2005

As promised, here is Birdman’s arravial at Tinton two days ago. See pictures taken by Johnny Reichle HERE.

XC-seminar, day 6

Thursday, June 9th, 2005

Heidalen today. The forcast was quite promising, and conditions looked good. Still, it soon became overcast and only 3 or 4 managed to fly away from Heidalen. Xc-seminar instructor Werner J. got the only long flight with 40-something km to Fåvang. Not much more to tell from the day.

Xc-seminar, day 5.

Wednesday, June 8th, 2005

Conditions did not look too good today, but the day turned out as quite a success. No xc-flights, but lots for flights from Vole, the main launch here in Vågå/the National HG/PG Centre.
I had three flights today, a new record for me for foot launched flights (meaning rigging and derigging for each flight) on a topless glider. Flight one 11 minutes, flight two 23 minutes, and flight three 1 hour 3 minutes. All in all a good day.
Tomorrow the forcast is pretty good, and we will probably go to Heidalen and try to fly down (south) Gudbrandsdalen.