National team gathering

The first day of the national team gathering was not a huge success in terms of flying. In Vågå it was overcast and not that good conditions at Vole although some pilots got local flights of nearly 2 hours. I made a big mistake just after launching and ended up with 22 minutes or so. Still, an OK flight with some very marginal thermal flying before having to land. In the evening we had a debriefing, hg-videos, and some theory. And even later Øyvind Ellefsen held a mini course in CompeGPS/RACE and scoring for Jon Gjerde and me.

Other places conditions were better. From Espesetra a few pilots got 40-50 km flights, and Trond Olsen flew 98 km from Høljerast to Elverum. Log book entry here.
Trond Olsen, Photo and (C)  Kistian Bording
Trond Olsen and his WW Talon 150. Photo and (C) Kristian Bording.

Today’s most unluck pilot was Bjørn Joakimsen how crashed a borrowed glider at the launch at Høljerast. Luckily he was not injured too bad; except from leg that took some beating he was in one piece. On the glider the carbon speedbar and both uprights were broken.

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