First Vågå visit of the year

Finally it is time for Vågå and the national hg and pg centre. I have just arrived for 2-4 days of flying, depending on the conditions. The next 4 days we have an open national hg team “training camp” were we are going to fly tasks and score these as if it was a comp. In addition, we will have briefings and debriefings focusing on charing knowledge and improve our flying skills.

Today I drove from Oslo at 1400, just early enough to avoid the traffic chaos following from 4 days of vacation here in Norway (Monday and Thursday are public hollidays in Norway). Still, I used a long time the trip to Vågå. First, picked up 48 bottles of win for a company my mother works for to help them deliver these to a restaurant in Lillehammer. Then I pick up a data cable for Øyvind Ellefsen in Oslo, and then pick up a hang glider at NorCargo (a transport company) for Jon Gjerde. In addition, Alf came by last evening with a bunch of uprights for pilots in Vågå.

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