Frya Cup 2005

The weather forecast was not at all promising, but I nevertheless drove up to Frya Thursday morning to participate in the competition.

Day 1, Thursday: Launch: Frya. Overcast and lots of rain showers and snow around us, and the day was cancelled. Instead we arranged a spot landing comp; NOK 20,- to participate. After a 15 minutes flight I managed to land (or more crash) 20 metres from the spot. Not a very impressive effort, but conditions at the landing was turbulent and windy, and 20 metres was good enough for a shared first place. The price money was NOK 73,- for each of the three winners. Late in the afternoon a few pilots got good soaring flights from the Western launch at Frya.

Day 2, Friday: Again we tried the Frya launch (SE), but had to give up due to tail wind. Instead, we drove to Brandstadkampen (NW), where it was launchable – at least now and then. The task committee set a relatively short task to Tretten and back up to the main LZ at Frya. Three pilots launched “early” but did not find any lift and had to land. The rest of us waited an hour or so before I launched, mainly just to get flight, but then flew into relatively strong lift. I was then followed by six more pilots, while the rest of the pilots derigged as the launch conditions were not at all good. I got up 400 metres above the launch but the thermals drifted low towards the terrain so I chickened out and tried to get up using thermals from the further out in the valley. But I never found any thermals there, and had to land. The landing proved to be very interesting. From before I had seen Olav Opsanger crash into the landing, and it was very turbulent above it. To make things even more interesting the farmer owning the landing field was spreading cow manure as fertiliser on the field. I desperately tried to avoid the shit but due to the turbulent conditions I ended up on my face in the middle of the worst pile of shit. An interesting experience. To make the day perfect, I even damaged my elbow in the landing.
Shity landing, photo Trond Skjønsberg
Remnants of the “shity” landing. Photo: Trond “Hangman” Skjønsberg.

Day 3, Saturday: This comps perfect day! After being stuck in tailwind yesterday we went to Heidalen, a S launch but with strong thermals that make it launchable even in strong tailwind. Actually, quite a few experienced pilots mean that Heidalen provide the strongest thermals in Northern Europe. The task committee set a 99 km task from Heidalen South to Tretten, and then back up to the Frya LZ. Already when we started there were rain showers all around us. Because of a large area of rain and/or snow NE of Kvam I chose to fly directly towards and west of Teigkampen. Conditions were good and cloud base was around 2600 metres. It was relatively easy to fly south towards Fåvang, but further south a wall of rain intimidated me and I chose to land at Fåvang after 48 km. I could possibly have turned and flown to the Frya LZ, but my elbow was starting to hurt really bad, and my motivation was also running low. Still, a very nice flight and a good task. A total of 5 pilots flew the task.

Day 4, Sunday: The day was cancelled, so we had an early price ceremony and then we all went home. Johnny Nilssen won, Nils Åge Henden no. 2, and Arnt-Ola Opsanger no. 3. I ended as no. 13. End of Frya Cup 2005.

We were a total of 20 pilots participating in the competition. This must be the largest number of pilots in a competition besides the National Championship for a long time. We even equalled this weekends PG competition in number of pilots; not bad taking into consideration that were are 4 or 5 times as many pg pilots in Norway.

A few pictures from the comp here.

3 Responses to “Frya Cup 2005”

  1. Oyvind says:

    New camo look on the glider?

  2. Bjørn says:

    Yepp! It’s the latest fashion from OZ. I think everyone should get a similar look.

  3. Jostein says:

    Håper for din og vår andres skyld at du tar en ordentlig vask av vingen din. Ellers blir det mye fluer på takeoff i sommer.