US Open, day 3

After two blown out days in the US Open it was finally possible to set a task the 3rd day. Paris Williams won the day. Best Norwegian was Jon Gjerde on 14th. Other Norwegian resultats: Olav Opsanger 16th, Olav Lien 40th (the only Helite Topless pilot in the comp), and Øyvind Ellefsen and Arnt-Ola Opsanger DNF.
The official Flytec score does not seem to be 100 % correct as Øyvind Ellefsen got up and away but is listed as DNF in score list. See Øyvind Ellefsen’s home page for more info.

One particularly interesting thing with the US Open is how the new WW T2 will perform. Wills Wing planed to have about 5 pre-production T2’s at the US Open, but no WW T2s appear in the scoring list. Nene Rotor did fly a T2 in the Brazilian Nationals, but is listed with a Talon 140 in the US Open.

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