WW Falcon 2 review and updated Viper review

I have been flying the Wills Wing Falcon 2 most of the Easter holiday, and has really enjoyed this. Below is a link to my review of the Falcon 2: WW Falcon 2 review.

Here is also a short comment I sent to Wills Wing, and which they publised on their web site: Pilot Comment to WW.

I have also updated my review of the Aeros Viper harness with comments from Bart Doets from Holland (see his comments at the bottom of the review): Aeros Viper review. It is also worth mentioning that I have not anything to add to my original review. I am still pleased with the harness. In the mean time Aeros has launched a version no. 2 of this harness, but I have not seen this version.

One Response to “WW Falcon 2 review and updated Viper review”

  1. Dear Sir,
    In your opionion which of all the single surfaced gliders you
    have flown has the best glide ratio. Have you flown the Relax
    from Icaro or the Easy from Northwing in the US?
    Our valleys are very long and we are looking for a single
    surface glider with a good glide ratio.
    Yours sincerely, Christophe Smith