Lots of sled rides for me lately

I had high hopes for good soaring flights this Easter, but so far I have only been revarded with sled rides. Here is a short report from my Easter flying (and not flying) so far – all flights at Sundvollen.
Saturday 19th: Two flights. One a test flight on an Avian Elan 150 which did not fly normally according to Petter, one this years hg-students. And sure enough, the glider was highly unstable. It was easy to get into a turn, but then it took a lot of effort to prevent it going into a spiral turn. I e-mail Avian and the message was clear, do not fly this glider. Furthermore, it is out of date and should be cut up. The second flight of the day was more pleasurable; my first flight on a Wills Wing Falcon 2 170. What a fantastic glider, 100 % fun, good handling, and easy take offs and landings.
Sunday 20th: Tail wind and I did not fly.
Monday 21st: Bad weather and I stayed at home.
Tuesday 22nd: One flight on the larger Falcon 2 195. Also great fun, but a little slower handling. Still, launching and landing was even easier (if possible) than with the smaller 170. Tried to get a second flight but was stuck in tail wind in 20 minutes before giving up.
Wednesday 23rd: Bad weather and I stayed at home, here and there pilots got good flights.
Thursday 24th: The ultimate fun; three flights on the Falcon 2 195. I really appreciate this glider just more and more. In weak or in sled ride conditions, or offcourse for students and fresh pilots, this glider is just the best. At least it is the best I have ever tried; it is addictive. Must have a Falcon 2, must have …

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