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WW Falcon 2 review and updated Viper review

Tuesday, March 29th, 2005

I have been flying the Wills Wing Falcon 2 most of the Easter holiday, and has really enjoyed this. Below is a link to my review of the Falcon 2: WW Falcon 2 review.

Here is also a short comment I sent to Wills Wing, and which they publised on their web site: Pilot Comment to WW.

I have also updated my review of the Aeros Viper harness with comments from Bart Doets from Holland (see his comments at the bottom of the review): Aeros Viper review. It is also worth mentioning that I have not anything to add to my original review. I am still pleased with the harness. In the mean time Aeros has launched a version no. 2 of this harness, but I have not seen this version.

Easter pictures

Monday, March 28th, 2005

Pictures from flying during the Easter: HERE.

Sled rides vol. 2

Monday, March 28th, 2005

More sled rides for me the last two days, but still fun flying. Saturday a bunch from my club tried our luck at Ringerudkollen, a Eastern heading launch, and a good thermal site. Still, it was too stable and all of us only got prolonged sled rides. I flew the Falcon 2 195 again – really fun. After Ringerud we stopped at Sundvollen on our way back home, hoping for some afternoon soaring at this NV heading lauch. But again we just glided down.
Photo and (C) Bjørn Hammer
Alf Oppøyen, Norwegian Wills Wing dealer, launches our club’s second WW Falcon 2 195.

Sunday we were about 10 pilots from the club at Sundvollen. I can not remember that last time I saw so many pilots from the Oslo club at once. The day looked better than yesterday with lots of CU popping up all around, but at Sundvollen we only had a few weak and non-soarable thermals. Today I flew my Moyes Litespeed 5 for the first time this Easter. It was fun to change to better performing glider again, but not used to the higher stall speed and had both a bad launch and landing.
At other launches most pilots flew sled rides as well, but a few places pilots soared and even went on xc-flights.

Photo and (C) Bjørn Hammer
Why we have not soared during the Easter – inversion!

Lots of sled rides for me lately

Thursday, March 24th, 2005

I had high hopes for good soaring flights this Easter, but so far I have only been revarded with sled rides. Here is a short report from my Easter flying (and not flying) so far – all flights at Sundvollen.
Saturday 19th: Two flights. One a test flight on an Avian Elan 150 which did not fly normally according to Petter, one this years hg-students. And sure enough, the glider was highly unstable. It was easy to get into a turn, but then it took a lot of effort to prevent it going into a spiral turn. I e-mail Avian and the message was clear, do not fly this glider. Furthermore, it is out of date and should be cut up. The second flight of the day was more pleasurable; my first flight on a Wills Wing Falcon 2 170. What a fantastic glider, 100 % fun, good handling, and easy take offs and landings.
Sunday 20th: Tail wind and I did not fly.
Monday 21st: Bad weather and I stayed at home.
Tuesday 22nd: One flight on the larger Falcon 2 195. Also great fun, but a little slower handling. Still, launching and landing was even easier (if possible) than with the smaller 170. Tried to get a second flight but was stuck in tail wind in 20 minutes before giving up.
Wednesday 23rd: Bad weather and I stayed at home, here and there pilots got good flights.
Thursday 24th: The ultimate fun; three flights on the Falcon 2 195. I really appreciate this glider just more and more. In weak or in sled ride conditions, or offcourse for students and fresh pilots, this glider is just the best. At least it is the best I have ever tried; it is addictive. Must have a Falcon 2, must have …

New Wills Wing topless

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005

Wills Wing has just released the next generation Talon. They have called the new version T2. Read more about the glider at Wills Wings web site.

Not much flying lately

Thursday, March 17th, 2005

I have been bussy lately and the weather has not been that great so I have not prioritised flying. Still, as the Easter holiday is coming up I hope for a week of good flying.

While waiting for better weather and strong spring thermals enjoy this legendary live performanece by Hurra Torpedo and their version of Total Eclicpse of the Heart (J. Steinman).

Bad weather forecast for Saturday

Friday, March 11th, 2005

Norwegain weather forecast firm Storm Weather Center is predicting unusually cold termeratures in Southern Norway on Saturday:
Cold tomorrow!

I think I stay at home.

Few updates lately

Saturday, March 5th, 2005

The server temporary hosting my blogg has been down for a couple of weeks, and before that nothing interesting was happening. Still, as the spring is rapidly approaching my blogg will be updated more requently in the future.