Sundvollen Feb. 1st and 2nd

February 1st Tuesday
The weather forecast for Tuesday was so good that I had no other alternative than to take the day off and go flying. I was first at Sundvollen about 1230 and conditions were just perfect. I was soon jointed by two other job skippers; Trond Olsen and Erling Mæhlum. Both are hg veterans and seldom to see out in the winter. Still, today it was warm (for Norway in Februar) and they also had seen the good forecast. I launched first and flew into calm and steady lift. Furthermore, the wind did not increase with higher altitude, so it was just to fly and fly and fly. It was even thermals, something I have not experieced before in early February here at Sundvollen. I flew for 2 hours and 14 minutes before my hands were so cold I had to land. It was about 0 degrees C in 700 masl, but this is not cold for Sundvollen in the winter. A perfect day!

February 2nd Wednesday
After yesterday’s success and with a nearly identical forecast for Wednesday, I once more took the day off from work and drove to Sundvollen. Erik Vermaas and Petter (one of this year’s hg-students) where there a hour before me and was landing as I arrived. Not a good sign. It turned out that it was 0-wind and totally “dead air”. Still, we all drove back up to the launch hoping for some wind. But all we got was some tail wind now and then. Erik flew two sled rides, and Petter got at least four. I, on the other hand, waited and hoped for better conditions, but only got stronger tail wind. One PG had to abort a launch in 0/tail-wind and only missed falling down the cliff under the launch by a few cm. Having rigged my glider I decided to launch and waited for a period with weak head wind before launching. The launch was not very elegant; the nose of the glider popped up a little and I was airborne without sufficient speed, so the glider stalled just as I exited the launch; it really stalled – a nasty feeling. The rest of the flight was gliding down in 2 m/s sink. Not a perfect day, but good to be out in the nice weather anyway.

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