Report from Sunday

As the students did not fly on Saturday, Øyvind and I as instructors went for an early start on Sunday as the forecast predicted stronger winds during the day. This, however, did not happen, but the early start gave the students a lot of flight. Today Petter got his 1oth altitude flight and got his SP 2 license. Further, Pål got his first 3 flights, while Lars H. has just one more flight to go before getting SP 2 as well. Lars also contributed with today’s drama as he missed the landing at the frozen lake and had to land at an adjacent field. Still, no damage neither to man nor glider.

At about 1330 or so the wind picked up a little, and I made an attempt to get some soaring today as well. But it only lifted in front of the launch, and this was soon packed with pg’s, so it was not great flight. Still, 30 minutes in the air feels good.

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