Sundvollen from her best side

Usually Sundvollen is a real bitch, providing nothing but sled rides or too strong winds. But today we finally saw Sundvollen from her best side. I brought with me Lars H. and Petter from the hg-course, hoping that they would have their first rigde soaring flight. Still, the wind was too strong for such unexperienced hg-students, so they ended up as spectators (or “ridge standing”). For more experienced pilots, however, conditions were perfect. Strong enough wind to provide stable and safe ridge soaring, and most of the time too strong for paragliders. I flew for about 1 hour 40 minutes, and really enjoyed life. At Sundvollen we land on the frozen lake, which today was covered by a thin layer of snow. As I flew over the landing I saw “Heia Bjørn!” (eng. Go Bjørn) written in the snow with 5 meter letters. It seemed like Lars and Petter were pretty boared waiting for me to land :-).

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