Robin Strid’s memorial ceremony.

I am just back from Robin’s memorial ceremony in Asker, 25 km west of Oslo. It was a very moving ceremony, and lots of tears were shed. Although sad, it was a nice ceremony, and a worthy goodbye to a fellow pilot and friend. The church was packed with family, friends, and fellow pilots. Most hang glider clubs in Norway had sent flowers and it must have been over 50 hang glider pilots present, some had travelled a long way to participate. Werner Johannessen, the grand “old” man of hang gliding in Norway and Robin’s main xc-competitor, took part in the ceremony and sang two songs.
After the ceremony, most of the hang glider pilots went to a nearby cafe to talk and commemorate Robin.

One Response to “Robin Strid’s memorial ceremony.”

  1. Bruce Burrus says:

    It’s always sad to hear of a fellow Hang Glider pilot passing but especially so at such a large compition. These times seem to be the only event that most people remember of our great sport. But such is life. I didn’t know Robin personally, but was following the Worlds via the Oz report and was moved with the description of the accident as I’m sure all pilots were. Our simpathy to his family and friends.
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