Oleg Bondarchuk World HG Champion

Final results from the Worlds:

1 BONDARCHUK Oleg, Aeros Combat L (UKR) 6455
2 REISINGER Robert, Icaro Zero 7 (AUT) 6281
3 HEINRICHS Gerolf, Moyes Litespeed S4 (AUT) 6100
4 COOMBER Kraig, Moyes Litespeed S4 (AUS) 6060
5 ALONZI Mario, Aeros Combat L (FRA) 6057
6 BERTOK Attila, Moyes Litespeed S4.5 (HUN) 5997
7 PLONER Alessandro, Icaro Laminar 2000 (ITA) 5934
8 HAZLETT Brett, Moyes Litespeed S4 (CAN) 5928
9 GEHRMANN Guido, Aeros Combat 13L (DEU) 5920
10 DURAND Jon Jnr, Moyes Litespeed S4 (AUS) 5912

Oleg finally won the Worlds. It is interesting to see that in the top 10 there are 3 Aeros, 2 Icaro, and 5 Moyes. So altough Moyes totally dominated the Worlds in numbers, all three majors produsers were fairly well represented at the top. Maybe not that surprising since all producers have world class pilots.

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  1. Speideren says:

    -eller fordi Combat’n “ruler” 🙂