First flight of the year, Worlds news – or not

First flight of the year.
Saturday Lars H., one of this year’s hg-students, and I decided to got flying after a long break without being airborne. The forecast predicted SW, but most online weather stations reported SE so I chose Ringerud as launch (it works with any wind with an Eastern component). With a 300 metre or so dive after take off and a powerline at the LZ it is not ideal for hg-students but Lars is pretty skillfull already so I did not consider this a risk. At the take off the wind was about 5 m/s from S-SE and almost too strong from Lars. Still, at the LZ it was almost 0-wind from the North(!), so I sent him out in a calm period. Lars flow perfectly, but the landing could have been better – nothing broken though. After this flight we were joined by Erik Vermaas and his girlfriend (also called driver). So I used this opportunity to fly myself. Erik started first, then I sent out Lars for his second flight. By then the wind had changed even more to the South, and I had to wait some minutes before launching. In the air I experienced a steady 3 m/s lift, but as it was getting dark in 30 minutes or so and with large wave clouds above and around, it was not that tempting to try out the lift, so I pulled out (actually with some problems) and flew down to land.

World news – or not.
Even with the Norwegian team out of the Worlds after Robin’s tragic accident, I try to follow the development of the comp. Still, it is not that easy. The official web sites (or are they?) can best be described as a mess. The Worlds site at the Australian Hang Gliding Federation is just an empty shell without news or comp information, and the Dymanic Flight site is at best confusing and modest in terms of news. In my oppinion it is pretty close to a scandal that most of the news and information from the Worlds comes from private bloggs and web sites. Still, at least this shows the effectiveness of the Internet. But as always with the Internet, it is difficult to assess whether this information is unbiased or not.

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    Dynamic Flight seems to have the results out every day.

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    Dynamic flight seems to have the daily results at