Frode “Leg-Breaker” Halse, Nordic Walking

It seems like national pg free distance record holder Frode Halse will have slow start this year. Apparently he broke his femur or femoral neck while out exercising, probably Nordic Walking (although I do not know that for sure).

Frode Halse, photo Frode Halse
Frode Halse, self portrait.

Frode is a keen Nordic Walker, and even has persuaded me to buy a set of poles. Actually it is very good exercise, and almost 50 % more effective than walking or jogging. The reason is that the upper body also is activated while walking, thus providing relevant exercise to upper body mucles used while flying hg/pg. Further, if travelling with loads of hg equipment, the poles are much easier to bring along than for instance a cycle. In addition, it is possible to exercise the entire body.

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