Fatal accident in the Worlds in Oz

A Norwegian team pilot died after experiencing lockout during aerotowing at the Worlds’ third day in Hay, Australia. He sustained massive head injuries and was killed immediately. The task was cancelled after it was clear that the accident was fatal. According to Øyvind Ellefsen, another national team pilot, the rest of the team has not yet decided whether whey will fly the rest of the World Championship or not. They were naturally deeply affected by the accident, and needed some time to think things over. It may appear cynical, but I think that noone will hold it agains them if they decide to complete the competition. That is if they feel up to it. All the pilots have sacrifised a lot to be able to travel to Australia and the Worlds. Further, I do not think that the deceased pilot would have considered this as disrespectful.

It is not clear what caused the accident. A mandatory investigation will be carried out, probably lead by the NSW/Australian police, perhaps in cooperation with Worlds organizers and someone from the Norwegian team. The Norwegian Hang- and Paraglider Association will publish this information as soon as it is available, but this will obviously take some time.

Hint: I think that the other Norwegian pilots in Oz would appreciate not having to answer to many phones about what has happened. As stated above, the Norwegian Hang- and Paraglider Association will as usual publish information on the HP-NLF web page as soon as it is available.

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