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Stein Edgar Strandli has made a real 100 % hg dvd, to my knowledge the first one available. The DVD is 32 minutes long, and, hold on to your hat, contains no paragliders – not one. The DVD contains acrobatics, onboard cameras (in flight filming), Norwegian flying sites, a little from Extremsportsveko and more. I have looked through it once, and will probably wear it out before the Norwegian thermal season starts in may.
The DVD is available from Stein Edgar Strandli for a small fee, which covers production costs and shipping.
Download record? Stein Edgar’s video from Extremsporetsveko on his web page has been downloaded nearly 10 000 times. Some of the scenes from this download video also appear on the DVD.

The same Stein Edgar is about to start a one year around the world holliday. He starts of by visiting the Worlds in Hay.
Stein Edgar Strandli, self portrait
Stein Edgar Strandli, self portrait.

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