Meeting and party

No flying this weekend as I had to attend a meeting in “fagkomieen” for the hang- and para glider organisation here in Norway. This comittee has 4 meeting each year and is to support and help the manager of the hang and para glider section mainly in matter regarding safety, rules and regulations, and education.

The agenda for this meeting was quite long so used the entire Saturday from 1000-1800. Working thin this comittee takes some time and reguires work, but most of all it is fun and I even learn a lot.

After the meeting we had this year’s comittee bonus. Free pre-christmas dinner. The dinner was at a very good pakistani restaurant, and the following party at Scotsman was just great – actually really fun. The same evening the Jetta club had their pre-christmas party in Vågå. SMS’ indicate that this party was as fun as our’s.

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