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HG-DVD, film downloads, Stein Edgar

Thursday, December 30th, 2004

Stein Edgar Strandli has made a real 100 % hg dvd, to my knowledge the first one available. The DVD is 32 minutes long, and, hold on to your hat, contains no paragliders – not one. The DVD contains acrobatics, onboard cameras (in flight filming), Norwegian flying sites, a little from Extremsportsveko and more. I have looked through it once, and will probably wear it out before the Norwegian thermal season starts in may.
The DVD is available from Stein Edgar Strandli for a small fee, which covers production costs and shipping.
Download record? Stein Edgar’s video from Extremsporetsveko on his web page has been downloaded nearly 10 000 times. Some of the scenes from this download video also appear on the DVD.

The same Stein Edgar is about to start a one year around the world holliday. He starts of by visiting the Worlds in Hay.
Stein Edgar Strandli, self portrait
Stein Edgar Strandli, self portrait.

Australian Open

Wednesday, December 29th, 2004

Jon Gjerde and Nils Åge Henden both got a good start in the Australian Open, with 20th and 24th place respectively in the first task. Robin Strid, Johnny Nilssen also did quite well, while Otto Baste and Øyvind Ellfsen were in middle of the list. Still, the plan, at least for Nils Åge and Øyvind, was to use this competition to get familiar with their new Litespeed S’ and to use this competition as training before the Worlds.

Results from the Australian Open can be found HERE.

Mobile blog from Oz

Tuesday, December 28th, 2004

Follow the development from the Australian Open and the Worlds in Hay on Øyvind Ellefesen’s mobile blog.

Øyvind posts report via his mobile phone to his homepage, and even includes pictures. He seems to be way in front of the official Worlds web site, which has been half finished for a looong time.

No flying, newspaper article

Monday, December 27th, 2004

No flying for me lately. But the weather forecast looks promising for a flight on the last day of the year at Sundvollen; still the weather may change before Friday.

It has not been too much flying this Christmas, but the “Olsen brothers” have flown and even got some press coverage as well in the local newspaper (text in norwegian).

Drogue chute in front of base tube

Tuesday, December 14th, 2004

Norwegian pilot, and acro and national team pilot, Jon Gjerde wites about this near disaster with a drogue chute in the OzReport. Something to have in mind for every drogue chute user.
I have only used my drogue chute a few times, and have only good experiences with it, but obviously this story of almost having the drogue chute falling in front of the base tube is a usefull reminder.

Redesigned websites

Wednesday, December 8th, 2004

It seems like several hang glider manufacturers really have started to view Internet as an important “shopping window”. Lately three hang glider manufacturers have updated and redesigned their website: Avian, Finsterwalder-Charly, Airborne.
I hope Icaro2000 and Aeros are next out. Their websites really need major refreshing :-).

Meeting and party

Monday, December 6th, 2004

No flying this weekend as I had to attend a meeting in “fagkomieen” for the hang- and para glider organisation here in Norway. This comittee has 4 meeting each year and is to support and help the manager of the hang and para glider section mainly in matter regarding safety, rules and regulations, and education.

The agenda for this meeting was quite long so used the entire Saturday from 1000-1800. Working thin this comittee takes some time and reguires work, but most of all it is fun and I even learn a lot.

After the meeting we had this year’s comittee bonus. Free pre-christmas dinner. The dinner was at a very good pakistani restaurant, and the following party at Scotsman was just great – actually really fun. The same evening the Jetta club had their pre-christmas party in Vågå. SMS’ indicate that this party was as fun as our’s.

Visuall effect

Thursday, December 2nd, 2004

Last Sunday at Flesberg we, the hg-course and instructors, saw a strange visuall phenomenon in the horizon. Øyvind sent my picture to the meteorological institute in Norway and asked for an explanation of the phenomenom. Here is the answer (text in Norwegian):