HG-course at Flesberg

I was about to cancel the course on Saturday when Øyvind Ellefsen persuaded me to give it a try. Based on local weather forecasts Øyvind wanted to try Flesberg, a NE launch 120 km East of Oslo. As our new Aeros Target has a bent leading edge I got to borrow a WW Falcon 2 195 from the Norwegian WW-dealer for the weekend. In addition, we used our own Falcon 2 170, so that we had one glider for each of the two students (Lars and Petter) this weekend. This means that we had two new course-gliders with no more than 8 flights between them before today – this must be a national record.
Saturday: Calm conditions and quite a lot of fog, but flyable. Both Petter and Lars got three flights each. For Lars, this was his first flights on a hang glider.
Sunday: Even calmer conditions, but today is was sunny. While driving from Oslo to Flesberg we had fog all the way to Flesberg and SW winds. But at Flesberg we had 0-wind and sun, but it was cold. When we drove from Flesberg in the evening it was -11 C at the landing; it was a cold day. Today Petter got 3 flights, while Lars came later and got 2 flight. Since Lars was late, Øyvind used to opportunity to try the Falcon 2 195. He was very enthusiastic about the glider. Read more about this on his homepage. Today we were also joined by Lier HGK and their two students.
Pictures from the day HERE.

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